How to Write the First Draft of an Essay

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The writing of your essay should be the fastest, easiest part of the whole process, so long as you have done your research properly and written your plan comprehensively. Ideally, you should not attempt to write your essay unless you have a clear thesis statement and know what you are arguing.

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You have already done all the preparation, in the research and planning, now is time to trust in the work and effort you’ve put in.

Step-by-step to write your first draft

If you are ready to write, here is what you should do:

  1. Turn off your phone, email, any notifications and distractions.
  2. Tell your family or housemates to leave you alone while you’re writing.
  3. Set aside 1-1.5 hours at a time to just sit and write. (Once you’ve got into the flow you could be able to write/type about 500 words per 30 minutes.)
  4. Don’t edit. Let yourself just sit and write. Once you’ve written the entire essay, then it’s time to edit and proofread, how to do that is in the next article.
  5. Trust in the plan you have written, follow it line by line absorbing the bullet point list into your sentences and paragraphs. Don’t worry if you decide while you’re writing that something might not be relevant, just cut and paste it at the end of your document or new one – you can come back to them when you edit. Don’t worry about the word limit. Better to write more and then synthesise it later in the editing process.
  6. Write focused and solidly until you have got through the whole plan and have a finished first draft.
  7. Take a break.

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