Dear Parents & Students…online school is starting Monday 23rd March! (web version)

Hi parents and students (this is another long text)

After a number of conversations with parents and quite distraught students, it seems my previous idea and ‘potential future plan’ of online classes should become an immediate action.

Many students will ask “what’s the point in studying?” And it’s a fair question, what is the point if there is no exam to sit – what’s the end goal?

The end goal is being prepared for after this period of isolation/almost-shutdown. Your lives will go on and you can make the decision to do something worthwhile with your time, learn and develop a skill that will be useful to you your entire life. Or, you can sit in the house all day, do nothing productive, get fat, lazy, bored, stupider (because your brain is a muscle just like your body) and probably annoy your parents to insanity…

To combat these problems, and dispel quickly this terrible version of the future, as well as keep students ready for exam should the government decide to suddenly put them back on, ONLINE SCHOOL starts Monday 23rd March at 9am!

➡️  Have a look at the course page here:

I have designed a 2 week course that will cover essay writing in week 1 and creative writing in week 2. These skills are not taught in depth enough usually, and I find that I do not get the enough time to fully focus on them during private tuition sessions either – due to mocks looming, dealing with subject material etc. Hence I wanted to use this ‘extra’ time we’ve been given to teach courses that will have a longer lasting impact because writing is a useful life skill!

(And students if you don’t think I’m right, you’ve read this far into a mammoth text. That is the power of persuasive writing..! If you can do better, you don’t need my course. Butttt… you could persuade me to hire you…?)

➡️ See full information of the courses here:


You can book on to 1 week  (£80) or 2 weeks (£150). If you book the 2 weeks there is a discount. 


Week 1 [23rd – 27th] March: Essay Writing Course

Week 2 [30th March-3rd April]: Creative Writing Course

Writing Competition Deadline: Sunday 19th April, 23:59


Classes will run Monday – Friday: 9am-10:30am and will take place online via Skype/YouTube/Zoom/Discord (TBC).

❗️BUT>> To make these courses viable, I need 3 students in each course for each week. So, please, if you are keen to take this course(s), please share with your friends taking GCSEs or A-Levels or any keen year 9 students, to help ensure this course goes ahead!?

As an incentive to promote this course to your friends, I am creating an Ambassador program that will give you and a friend money off the course(s) when you buy. Full details on the course page.



I will be recording all the classes and uploading them so that students can access them at their convenience afterwards! This is included in the price of the live course.

***Writing Contest**

Now, without practice, how can one solidify one’s learning? This is why I will be running a writing contest for all the participants of the courses.   Full details will be posted later next week but it is an opportunity to practice the skills from the courses; you could write an essay, a short story, an article, anything! And on any topic!

? Prizes—

Competitions aren’t worth it unless there is something to win. I will be publishing, on my website, the winning entry. Not only that, the winning writer will receive an Amazon Gift voucher (it will be at least £15 but if there are more people signing up for the courses, I can increase the ££ of the Amazon voucher?).

➡️ To find out more and to book, visit: 

Please can sign ups be made by midday (12pm) on Sunday so that I know whether the online school will be going ahead and send out information about how to access.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call or text on 07807467060.

I hope you are all keeping well!

Best wishes


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