Online School Week 1 (23-27 March): Essay Writing


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The Corona Virus (via the Government) has closed the classroom, but I say lets move the classroom online!

As the schools are closed indefinitely, exams are postponed(?) – your guess is as good as mine; students are justifiably quite stressed about the unknown. I don’t know what is going to happen but I feel we must take the assumption that exams will happen and as such we carry on as normally as possible. Becoming complacent is a bad option for any student, and not a good trait for life.

After conversations with a few of my students and their parents on Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th, it seemed clear that a ‘potential future’ plan of an online class needed to be an immediate action and happen right now. This is why you are reading this, and considering paying for education that 2 weeks ago wouldn’t have even crossed your mind.

I have planned this 2 week course based on the assumption that schools will be closed for 2 weeks at least (and to bring us nicely into the Easter Holidays).

**To make this course possible I need 3 students minimum signed up for each week.**

This Online School is open to my current students and anyone who wants to learn. Please free to invite your friends from school, colleague’s children, family members etc. For incentives, please see below in the ‘Become an Ambassador’ section at the bottom.

So onto what this course will be about, who it is for, and what you will learn.

**Note to Students**

If you ever thought learning to write was boring or a waste of time, take note – do you want to take this course? Are you leaning towards ‘yes’ and paying (your parents paying)? Think about the structure of this sales page. A sales page is a form of persuasive writing. What skills do you think I learned to be able to write this page? Are they useful? If you even consider buying, my persuasive writing has done its job.

Week 1: Essay Writing

Aim: to teach students a logical and foolproof way to writing essays from start to finish.

By the end of the course students will know how to:

  • Analyse and understand an essay question
  • Research an essay topic
  • Write a thesis statement
  • Find evidence to support their thesis statement
  • Analyse a text and evidence
  • Plan and develop a coherent and logical argument
  • Write and essay
  • Edit and proofread their essay

What are these skills useful for?

  • GCSE English Literature Papers 1 & 2
  • GCSE English Language Paper 2, Question 5
  • GCSE History Papers 1 & 2 – 12-20 mark questions (AQA, OCR, Eduquas etc)
  • GCSE Religious Studies Papers 1 & 2 12-20 mark questions (AQA, OCR, Eduquas etc)
  • A – Level English, History, Religious Studies 
  • IB English, History, Religious Studies 
  • University level writing
  • Dissertations
  • Report Writing
  • (Life in general)

Who is this course for?

  • Aimed at students in GCSE and A-Level years
  • Suitable for younger students who want to push themselves (it will be a fairly fast paced course)
  • Anyone who wants to develop their writing skills

When & Where will classes take place?

When: Monday – Friday Mornings 9am-10:30am

Where: Skype/Zoom/Discord/YouTube – I am still working out which is the best option for an online classroom type setting. It WILL be free for you. Full details will be emailed to you after payment and in time for the start of class on Monday.

Further Details:

This course will be a specific course on essay writing. It is not a topic that I believe is taught enough in schools and it is something that all my students need more time and work on so that they are producing the highest quality writing. As we do have more time and I believe it is going to be beneficial to spend a week specifically on the skills associated with this task.

**Lifetime Access**BONUS

For all those students signed up to the live online lessons, I will also be recording the lessons and make them available online after the lessons have finished. They’ll be uploaded to the website so that students can re-watch the lessons at their convenience at a later date.

(Details of the where and how will be confirmed once I determine where I can post them.)

For students who missed the courses, or weren’t able to attend for whatever reason, I will offer a subscription later to be able to watch the course online with any of the materials/resources created to go with the course.

Ambassador Program

This whole situation was completely unexpected by all of us and as such we are all muddling our way through trying to make the best of it. As such, I understand that the financial cost of extra education and support was not forecasted and as such it has its attached worries, for you and myself.

This said, I wanted to create an Ambassador Program to offer financial discounts if you get a friend to join you/your son or daughter at Online School. 

How it works:

  1. Buy your place at Online School for 1 or both weeks
  2. Email/text me and say you want to be an Ambassador
  3. I send you an Amabasador code that gives your friend* a £5 discount for a single course OR £15 discount for booking the 2 weeks
  4. Persuade your friends to join us (FYI this is practicing you GCSE Eng Lang Paper 2 Q5 skills…!)
  5. Get your friend to pay for their spot at Online School using your Ambassador code
  6. For every friend you buys a course, you get that money back too (or at least your parents do)!

*If you have a sibling, that counts as a friend 🙂


**Writing Contest**

All the students will have learned a lot of information over the 1 or 2 week period of lessons and I wanted to offer them a chance to put their skills into practice in a way that would be rewarding and interesting to them. So at the end of the 2 weeks of courses I will run a writing contest.

Students will be asked to submit a piece of writing, either an essay or piece of creative writing of between 600-1000 words. A list of topics will be given as a suggestion but students can also choose their own topic or title. Students will also be able to submit their plans/drafts for a critique and feedback before the submission deadline.


The winner will be published on my website and receive an Amazon Voucher (base amount will be £15 but the more students attending the courses, the more money I can put into the prize).

Full details of the contest will be posted in the coming week and students will be given a chance to ask questions.


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